Why get a Professional Inventory Done at the Start of Every New Tenancy?


Things have progressively changed in the Buy to Let world, with various legislation coming in to force since I first started working in the property industry back in the 1990's, some good, some not so good and some just downright ludicrous.

One of the better ones was the introduction of the Deposit Protection Schemes, to protect tenants deposits from unscrupulous agents and landlords, still not 100% yet in my opinion, but that's another blog.

Along with this sweeping change which had its own hiccups and delays on launch, and in the early days even the staff had not quite figured out how to do simple tasks when you needed to make changes or transfer deposits from one scheme to another, and from time to time you still find that happen today, but that's yet another blog.

So finally after all the teething problems and tweaking we now have a system where in the case of a "Custodial" Scheme an adjudicator looks at evidence presented by both parties and rules, his decision based purely on what he has in front of him, this is where the scrap of paper with a hand written list of items, stuffed in your pocket and classed as "The Inventory" will not do!! Or as I have seen in some cases there is no Inventory because it is "Unfurnished".

What you need to present is a proper Inventory, documenting each and every item, its approx age (if know) and condition, including all floors, walls fixtures and fittings, right down to working light bulbs and batteries in Smoke Alarms and CO2 Monitors, preferably with clear pictures and dated.

This is what Clean Team NW  offer, as well as proper time stamped records of when the tenant was sent the Inventory to check and when they approved the Inventory making any annotations they feel necessary so that when the adjudicator reviews the claim he/she can see when the Inventory was supplied, when it was returned, that it was supplied by an independent 3rd party, they also offer the service of tenant check in and check out as well as midterm inspections so that you can be assured everything is checked and noted. In fact, they can carry out the professional End of Tenancy clean, conduct the Inventory, check the tenant in, carry out the midterm inspection, check your tenant out at the end, compile your check out report and if you end up with a dispute, you have everything you need to fight your claim.