Your home is the biggest purchase you'll make in your life. You've got to be absolutely sure that you know what you're getting when you're spending all that money.

That's why you should select our team at The Manchester Estate Agent to carry out conveyancing on your new house.

Choosing our service means that the same dedicated team is working with you throughout the entire transaction. We don't have to ask a solicitor and wait for days for an answer to your or our questions. We're your one point of contact and we're answerable directly to you. What is conveyancing and why is it so important that we decided to open our own conveyancing department? Conveyancing is the legal part of your home purchase.

There are three parts to it. Those three parts are so crucial that we only want to work with people we know and trust to do it - our highly trained, friendly and customer-driven staff. Once you've seen a place you want to buy and made an offer the buyer has accepted, our team investigate every single detail about the property to make sure there are no shocks waiting for you down the line. We check everything from title deeds to local authority plans for the area, flooding risk to public drainage and whether the house is on contaminated land or above old mine shafts.

We also find out from the seller's solicitor exactly what is being included with the house - the fixtures and fittings. If there's anything of concern, one of our team will be in contact with you straight away to share what we've found. At all stages, you're informed and involved. Assuming that everything is fine between you and the sellers and that you're happy with the reports we've produced on the property, it moves to the next stage. That's where both parties sign the contract. Then, you and the sellers agree a target completion date and you make arrangements with us to transfer the deposit in time for the move. On the day of completion, your seller's solicitors and

The Manchester Estate Agent will complete the deal. Once that's done, your seller moves out and you move into your new home. There are a few loose ends after this for us to tidy up for you (stamp duty, sending title deeds to your lender and so on) but we make sure everything's done correctly and efficiently for you. The whole buying process under one roof Working with us means one point of contact, lower bills, and friendly, professional and speedy customer service.

Contact The Manchester Estate Agent today on 0161 826 9190 to find out more about conveyancing and our one-stop approach to homebuying.

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