To keep up to date with the new "Right to Rent" regulations, The Manchester Agent has sourced the further clarification in relation to existing tenancies where an additional occupier joins a longer-standing named tenant.  

The starting point in determining the agents or landlords responsibilities is the Immigration Act 2014 and the Code of Practice, which says no action needs to be in relation to tenancy agreements (residential) entered into before February 1 2016 or tenancy agreements (residential) which are renewed after that date if the renewed agreement is still between the same parties and there has been no break in the tenant’s right to occupy the premises.

However, ARLA has queried with the government what would happen if a renewal then included one new occupier in addition to the exsisting longer-standing tenant - what would the agent then have to do? 

The Home Office response is that if a renewal tenancy agreement incudes a different occupier then it is classed as a new tenancy and a Right to Rent check should be carried out on all occupiers subject to the scheme.

There is new ID Guidance provided by the Home Office.