The dawn of a New Year is a time when everyone starts to look at the ways that they can make positive changes in their lives. Often, finances (or how to improve them) are one of the key areas that people will focus on and a great way to reduce your outgoings is to look at your household bills.

Throughout different areas of your house there are a variety of changes that you can make to improve the energy efficiency and of course cost of running the property as a whole.

So whether you want to cut costs associated to your kitchen, living room or bathroom; we have some of the top tips for you.


Over the past couple of years it seems that people have become more aware about how much food waste they produce. However, despite being aware of it, there are still many of us who will throw away food without a second thought. This not only is wasteful but it also can cost the average family around £700 per year.

If you want to reduce your food wastage and save yourself some money then remember that the freezer is there to help you. Plenty of food can be frozen in order to preserve it long past the use by date; and you can freeze leftovers from that chilli or cottage pie ready to serve another day when you need an emergency dinner.

All you need is some freezer friendly containers and a marker pen and you are well on your way to reducing the amount of food that you waste.


Getting water in your home is as easy as turning a tap; however it can be very costly. In fact it is thought that an average yearly water bill in the UK is around £385! Pretty expensive if you ask us!

There are a variety of ways that you can look to reduce your water usage, taking showers instead of baths and limiting the amount you use for everyday things such as boiling the kettle or doing the washing up can really help.

However for those   who want to make a significant saving a water meter might be the best option. Free to install and often saving people around £100 per year off their water bill; by installing a meter you will only pay for the water that you use instead of an estimated (or set) amount every year.

Living room and home office

Much like some of the other utility bills that you find yourself paying out on a monthly basis; broadband, television and phone line rental costs can be reduced simply by shopping around.

Don’t be afraid to push providers into giving you the very best deal; after all they are not likely to give you their very best price straight away.

Sometimes you can get a great package on all three by signing up to one company; however you might also find that by opting for the best price for each separate element you can save money too.


We hope that these top tips help you to have a budget friendly home for 2016; and if not at least you have a few more months before you need to think about Christmas again! 

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