We have already seen how staging and cleaning your home can make the property more appealing to those buying it but you might wonder if  you should also make the home more  neutral, so that they can imagine themselves living there instead of you.


Of course, whilst the property is being viewed it is likely that you are still living there, making it hard to create the ideal backdrop but despite this you might be able to find ways to set up your house so that it appeals to prospective buyers.


Pack away your things


It is quite common for people to accumulate plenty of possessions over time and of course anyone who views your house is likely to expect some amount of stuff around. However, if you are struggling to make a sale and wondering why perhaps you should look at the clutter that you have in your home.

As soon as you know that you are likely to be moving home then it is a good idea to start sorting through your things. Throw away, donate or recycle anything that you no longer want and for anything that you will want to take with you but don’t immediately need then you could package them up and pop them into storage.

That way not only will your home appear cleaner and tidier to viewers but it will also be much easier to move when the time comes.


Be neutral, not empty

Although we have already advised that packing away some of your possession can really help with a sale we feel that it is important to remember that the aim is to make your home appear neutral, not cold and empty.


Don’t put your clothes into storage but try to make sure that they appear clean and organised; put away some of your larger ornaments an photographs but still leave out some of the items that you have to make it your home.

If you have an office or work space that is dedicated to a business or hobby then try to make it appear as a clean and tidy computer room rather than a messy area dominated by your activities.

After all, you don’t know what the buyer will be looking for in a home, perhaps your office space may become a play room or even another bedroom. Therefore try to keep it as neutral as possible.



We understand that it might seem difficult to pack away all of those things that make your home yours ready for someone else to move it, but just remember that in doing so you already have prepared yourself for the move and you can be ready to display your most prized possessions in your brand new home! 

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