When it comes to selling your house there are plenty of ways that you can dress up and improve your property to ensure that it appeals. However you might not realise that simply cleaning up your house can really help with its saleability. 


They key is to making the property appeal to the viewers, make sure it looks and feels like somewhere that they will want to live in and cleaning it up to look sparkling and clean is the perfect way to tempt them into making a purchase. 


But cleaning your house top to bottom for each and every viewing may not be ideal for you, especially if it is taking some time to sell; therefore we have put together those areas that you should concentrate on to really make an impression. 


The windows


Statistics from a study conducted by cleaning expert Vileda has shown that 95% of people viewing a property will take a look out of the window to check the view. So with this in mind it is important to ensure that your windows are sparkling clean and smear free. 




80% of people viewing a house will sneak a peek in cupboards to see what the storage space is like; so make sure that you give the kitchen cabinets and especially the under stairs cupboard a clean out. 




If you do have pets in the house, it might be a good idea to clean away some of the pet items that are around. Especially cat litter trays or dirty dog bowls as these can be really off-putting for people who do not own pets. 


Pesky smells


A bad smell can put people off from buying your property so try to combat any foul smells before they come to view it. Give your drains a good clean and unblock and also make sure that your bins are emptied out too. If all else fails make sure that you open a window and let some fresh air in. 




You may think that floors and worktops are one of the main focal points of viewers; however it is your ceilings that many look at. This is because they will take a look around the whole room to try and see how big it is. That doesn’t mean that you should forget about sweeping, hovering and mopping the floors of course, but perhaps you should also give the ceilings a brush over too. 


These are all tips that are easy, cheap and quick to do meaning that even with minimal notice for a viewing, you can be sure that your house is ready and waiting to be sold! 

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