Most of us will have first-hand experience of the excitement and anticipation that comes when you first decide to live with your partner.

It might come a few months into the relationship or perhaps a few years, but at some point there comes a time when you take the plunge and share your living space as well as your bed!

Whilst for the first part it is likely to be all sweetness and light, there are of course, some things that you will need to get used to when it comes to living with someone. Some of these things can be minor irritations, whilst others can begin to really annoy over time.

But what are they? We have put together a list of some of the top 10 annoying habit as offered by over 2,500 cohabitating men and women.

The bedroom

It seems that no matter your gender, snoring is the most irritating habit of your partner. So much so that it appears as number 1 on both the lists of men and women, unfortunately it is also one of the hardest bad habits to change too!

Whilst leaving clothes on the floor appears on both of the lists, it seems that woman (at number 2) find it all the more irritating then men (at number 4). Now we are not trying to start a battle of the sexes but is this because men are more likely to leave their clothes on the floor or just that woman are more irritated by it?

Finally, number 6 on the list of men’s pet hates is the ladies tendency to hog the duvet during the night although some may say that perhaps they should put up a bit more of a fight?

The kitchen

Moving away from the bedroom it seems that the kitchen habits are equally annoying for couples; although their idea of what is the most irritating is different.

Women seem to be more than just a little bit irritated by their partners lack of washing up at number 4, whilst men have that task a little bit lower down the list at number 7.

Ladies also rate how rubbish their partner is at cooking as number 8 whilst men have that down at number 10 in their list.

The bathroom

It seems that taking too long to get ready in the bathroom is a shared irritation for both genders however it comes much higher up on annoyances for men (at number ) whilst for women it falls much lower down to number 9 (perhaps a sign that girls do take longer to get ready than the men do).

Although somewhat of a joke across the sexes, leaving the toilet seat up actually comes in at number 3 for women, showing that it is actually something that is more than just a joke!

Special mention also has to go to hogging the remote which appears on both lists and leaving the lights on which also makes a double appearance.


Whilst this seems to highlight some of the most difficult aspects of moving in together you should remember that buying or renting that first property together is one of the most exciting things that you can do together and is sure to create many years of happiness for you both (if you can just get out of the bathroom in the morning).