Whilst beauty is definitely something in the eye of the beholder; an ugly house is a sure fire way to put off prospective buyers. But how can you transform your unsightly pad into something that even the most difficult to impress viewers will be left with a good impression of?

Here are our top tips for improving your home and in turn boosting your chance of selling the property.



Take a good look around your home and list the least attractive parts of it. These should be the things that you focus your efforts on.


Look good outside as well as in

The front of your house may not always be your first concern when it comes to cleaning and tidying; but a messy, shabby front of house can instantly put off prospective buyers and influence how they feel about the rest of the property.




Despite the fact that the furnishings within a property are not staying once the new owners move in; it can have an impact on what they think when they come to view it. Of course, we don’t advise buying new furniture just so that you can sell your property but you can look at ways to make it appear that little bit nicer.


A throw could spruce up a tired, worn sofa and scatter cushions can do a similar job. If your dining room table is marked or stained then simply cover it with a tablecloth; seems simple but this can really have an impact on how your property is viewed.


A good spruce up


Simply running a cloth, duster and broom around your house, flat or apartment can significantly improve your chances of selling. A clean, tidy house is one that is likely to impress, so even if you don’t normally spend the time cleaning up, this is the perfect excuse to plan in an any season “spring clean”.


Think about the décor

The way that you decorate your house while you live in it is, of course, entirely down to you.  However, when the time comes to sell the property you might find that your potential buyers are a little less impressed by your orange and green combo.

If you are not seeing the level of interest that you expect after a viewing then perhaps take a look at the overall design, theme and décor of your house. If there are any areas that might be putting off buyers then you might need to change them in order to make that sell.


Give them a grand entrance


Much like the outside of the house, the hallway (if you have one) is one of the first things that people viewing your property will see and it is the thing that will form their first impressions.


One really easy way to create an inviting entrance for your visitors is to ensure that you use a bright light in the hallway instead of the dull, gloomy, low wattage version that many people seem to opt for. This will illuminate the space and make sure that your viewers are ready to be impressed.


With these quick and simple tips, even the most worn out of houses can become the dream property for someone and a quick sale for you