There are times in everyone’s life whereby they may need to leave their home for a short period of time. Whether this is a once yearly holiday or perhaps a more frequent business trip you might want to know ways that you can protect your property whilst you are away from home.

Break-ins of any type can be hugely upsetting for the whole family as well as costing you money when you need to replace those items that have been stolen or damaged.


Thankfully, this is where technology and of course common sense can step in and offer some simple ways to protect your home and minimise the risk of a break in whilst you are away.


Timing devices are a great tool for those who are concerned that there house will appear empty and therefore become a target for vandals and burglars; this where a timer can really help with your concerns.

These simple devices can be programmed to switch your lights on and off whilst you are away and as technology improves these even no work with TVs and Radios for a really lived in effect!


It may seem excessive to install CCTV in your home; however if you are away frequently then it might be just the deterrent that is needed to protect it. The great thing about CCTV systems is that most companies will offer them tailored to your needs; therefore if you just need a simple hook up then this is entirely possible.


Make a list

Perhaps a more common sense based tip then a technology one; by making a checklist of all the actions that you need to take before you go away, you can make sure that you have everything in place and that nothing has been missed. Peace of mind is vital whilst you are away from home, especially if you are on holiday and need to relax!


Talking to your neighbours

Our final tip is another that may seem a little obvious; but having a conversation with your neighbours about your plans before you go away is always a great idea. By doing this you can be sure that someone has an eye on your property whilst you are away and that they can take any action should they think something isn’t right.

Whilst you can never guarantee the safety of your property whilst you are away, but putting these tips in place you will certainly have more chance of protecting it and minimising your risk of a break-in.