There are many benefits to renting a property over buying one however one of the biggest drawbacks is that whilst you live in a rented property, you can never add in your own touches to its layout, design and decoration. Because of this, many people who rent a property may feel that it isn’t really their “home”.


With this in mind we have put together our top decorating tops for renters, allowing you to put some of y our own touches to the property without running the risk of losing your deposit or having to redecorate before you leave!


Wall Stickers

One popular way to spruce up a room without needing to use paint is with wall stickers. These vinyl based decorations are not only really easy to apply but they also come off with no damage to the wall too.

There are a number of companies out there offering their own varieties of wall stickers ranging from child friendly pictures right up to more intricate designs perfect for a grownups bedroom or even a living room.


Removable Wallpaper

Have you ever heard of removable wallpaper? Nope us neither. Much like wall stickers; removable wallpaper is just a larger version and gives you the chance to reinvent your space without the issues of painting. You can even buy chalkboard versions for a really fun way to decorate a kitchen or playroom!




Not the most conventional wall covering, fabric also offers you a way to jazz up your walls. Using fabric not only gives you a real variety of colour choice but also gives you plenty of choice with textures too. It is especially hard-wearing and can be washed if it gets dusty or dirty.


Wall art

Finally we have wall art, by this we mean pictures and paintings. There is a lot that can be said for hanging a really colourful and bright painting on a wall and how much it can improve the overall look of a room.


Whether you display hand drawn creations or perhaps a collection of some of your most treasured memories in photograph form, having something on your wall is sure to brighten up your room!

So there you have it, we have shown you just a few ways that you can transform your rental property from the magnolia wonder into something much more interesting!