It isn’t just your house that needs a bit of a clean from time to time; household bills and utilities can also benefit from a bit of a dust off and tidy from time to time.

As the weather starts to cool and we begin to spend more time tucked up at home, you may find that the evenings provide you with the ideal time to grab out those files and look at how much you spend and ways to save money.

The common bills that crop up relating to your house include:

·         Gas and Electric

·         Broadband

·         Home insurance

·         Mobile phones

If you are looking for ways to save money then it might be advisable to take the time to shop around for the very best deals for all of these different types of bills. One way that you can try to save money is to research for similar providers who might be offering a lower rate and then challenge your current provider to match it.

By doing this you can see a reduction in your payments but won’t have the hassle of switching lenders.

It is also a good idea to keep a note of the end dates of all of your current agreements, that way you can avoid any automatic renewals which may end up costing you more.

Dust of that bank account

As well as looking at ways you can save money on those monthly payments, you can also give your bank account a bit of a clean too.

Take a look at the current direct debits that you have and make sure that they are things that you really need to keep paying for. You can also check that you are paying the right amount or frequency for agreed payments. If you do find an error then this your opportunity to notify your bank and you might get a refund.

You can also make sure that you are not paying too high a fee for your bank account; some banks charge a monthly fee for items such as travel insurance. If you do not need this protection then contact your bank and ask them to remove it.

Look at your clutter

Alongside your financial clean up why not take the opportunity to clear up  your home too. You never know, there is a chance that you will find items that you can resell along with all your clutter and anything that you can sell means more money for you!