A common issue for rented properties is damp. If you are a tenant living in a rented property that has the issue of damp then you might be concerned by its look, its smell and of course the way it makes your home feel slightly clammy and a bit uncomfortable.

One option open to you of course is moving home. But if you are happy in your current home then you may prefer to tackle the problem rather than run away from it. If this is the case for you then you will be pleased to know that there are things that you can do, small changes that you can make to your lifestyle and home to make it look, smell and  feel better!

How to beat damp

Here are some of the best things that you can do within your home to tackle damp!

·         Avoid using heaters that put moisture into the air; such as paraffin or gas heaters

·         If you need to dry clothes inside then place them in a closed room with an open window, never on a heater

·         Be mindful of our ventilation points. Don’t place furniture right up against outside walls and do not cover air vents. These ventilation points are vital in combatting moisture (and in turn damp) within your home.

·         If you have one, make sure that you turn on the fan in the kitchen whilst you cook. The same  goes for the bathroom when you shower. It is also a good idea to air the room after showering or cooking as this will expel the moisture.

·         The temperature in the house should be kept constant, no room should be hotter than others. You should also try to avoid turning off the heating at night, we still give off moisture when we sleep and the heating can help combat this.


If you have been following these tips and it doesn’t seem to be improving the problem then the best advice is to speak to your letting agent or landlord direct if you rent privately. The repairs for damp can be costly if the problem is left to worsen so it is vital that you report it as soon as you can.

What can make damp worse?

It may be the case that even with the best intentions and following the guidance; the damp within your home just gets worse with time. These are often because there is excess moisture in the home.

Reasons behind this include:

·         Leaks in and around the home that you cannot see

·         Drain blockages

·         Cracks in the pipes

·         Slipped roof tiles

·         Lack of ventilation and perhaps a need for an extractor fan


Mould and damp is something that you can treat, just make sure that you get it sorted as early as you can.