If you have young children or if you are planning to have a family in the near future then it may change the way that you view prospective houses and decide the areas that you are going to move into.

One thing that might lead your decision is whether or not the new property is close enough to your choice of school. But other things include the room for growth within the property, the local area and of course whether or not they have plenty of space to play and grow.

The best school

If you have a child in the family then you will want to know more about the schools in the area before you make the move. You can check the school reports on the OFSTED website which will also give you some information on the intake and acceptance levels of the local schools.

Be aware that in the areas around highly rated schools the property prices might be more expensive.

Hidden costs

Apart from the initial cost of the property, when you move you should also think about other “hidden costs” that may arise. This is especially true if you are upgrading or buying a bigger home.

Higher council tax bands, more expensive utilities and even things like stamp duty should all be taken into consideration before you make your offer. If you are unsure of these things then it is always worth asking the selling agent to check for you.


If you are moving further away from your place of work then you should always take this into consideration. If you have children to drop off at school or in childcare of a morning then this will add extra time onto your journey. Can you still manage to get to work on time if you move and how much impact will it have on the costs of your commute?

Local amenities

When you are looking at a new home it is important to think about what is around you. Especially if you have children. Is there a local park that they can play in? Are there supermarkets and shops around you that you can pick up those essentials? Is the street itself welcoming for families, are they able to play securely in their own garden (whether that be front or back)?

It may seem like a lot to think about, but when it comes to your family and finding a new home there is nothing more important than being completely happy in your choice of home; after all, there is a good chance you will all be living there for plenty of time to come.