When it comes to selling your property one of the first steps that you will need to take is obtaining an expected sale value. The best way to do this is to arrange for an estate agent to pay you visit and place a projected asking price on the house, apartment, bungalow or cottage.

Estate agents, just like us, are experts in sales of properties and not have the training, knowledge and experience in placing a price on a variety of different properties but also local area knowledge which can also prove important.

But what do they look for?

You might find yourself wondering; how do they know what makes a great property or one that is unlikely to see any offers?

There are a variety of different factors that go into creating a valuation. Location is one of the first considerations; however this doesn’t just mean the locality of the property but also its position on the street.

Whether you are near to schools, shops, doctors or parks will also play a part on the saleability of your property especially if you are selling a home that is most likely going to appeal to families.

When it comes to the property itself then estate agents will also look at whether or not you have a garage or drive on your property and of course if any external work and extensions have been completed. All of these things can bring the price up and a well maintained garden can also become a great selling point.

Moving inside the property the estate agent will look at the decor, how new and up to date the kitchen and bathroom is and of course the size and amount of your bedrooms.

Ultimately, a good estate agent will view a property as any buyer would, casting a critical eye over different aspects and ticking off the things that bring down the value or of course increase it.

A good valuation should take around 1 hour to complete. This will ensure that the agent has had enough time to take everything in. They will also want to sit with you and discuss your timeframes and needs as these too can impact on the asking price placed on the property.

If you want to ensure that you are selling your property for the right amount then it is important to get in touch with an estate agent that you can trust.

Here at The Manchester Estate Agent we are not only experts in selling properties big and small but we also understand how important each and every sale is. We will take into account your personal circumstances and work with you to achieve that sale, all with a view to helping you fulfill your aim!


So give us a call and discover the true value of your home; you never know, you might just find yourself tempted to sell! 

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