There are a variety of reasons that you may need to downsize your property with one of the most common being that your children have moved away from home. However, people also may look into going smaller properties if they need to save up for travelling or perhaps a career change.

Some people may think that downsizing is a negative step, after all the assumption is that moves on the property ladder will always be bigger and better, but often a smaller property can be the right thing for you to do.

To celebrate the world of smaller properties here at The Estate Agent Manchester we have put together a list of all the really great things about opting for a littler house!

Less time spent cleaning and tidying

If you have a smaller house then the time that you spend maintaining and cleaning it will in turn is shorter. It will also require less energy and exertion on your part; freeing up your time to enjoy other aspects of your life.

Less expense

Smaller houses are cheaper to buy. This is a fact.  However, they are also less expensive when it comes to utilities and other household bills. Taxes, heating costs, insurances and electricity are all noticeably smaller when you downsize.  

They also have a lower impact on the environment because they use much less of these resources. A win all round!

A reason to declutter

If you decide to downsize then you will probably need to take as little as possible with you during the move. This gives you the best reason possible to take the time to declutter, reorganize and clear out your home.

Perhaps your wardrobe needs an overhaul, or those ornaments have started to take over the living room. No matter what it is, moving into a smaller property means that you need to be a little more ruthless when it comes to sorting things through.

It also means, once you move, that you will be less likely to accumulate things in the first place!

More chance of selling on

If you do need to sell on your smaller property at some point there is a wider slice of the market that you can appeal to. Smaller houses are often chosen by young couples or smaller families who need a starting home as well as, of course, those who are also looking to downsize. Often the smaller properties sell quicker than the larger properties will!


So, if the time has come for you to move into pastures smaller don’t despair. There are plenty of great things coming your way and by using a professional estate agent such as us here at The Estate Agent Manchester you can make sure that the process is as smooth as possible. 

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